Amoona Botanicals · Herbal Sage Smudge

Amoona Botanicals · Herbal Sage Smudge


White Sage is a sacred plant used for physical and spiritual renewal. Sage smoke can be used in a room or around your body to establish and maintain energetic equilibrium and protection. Sage smoke has been proven to kill bacteria in the air and the burning of a single leaf is strong enough to act as an effective healing tool for physical, mental and spiritual renewal.

Note: It is of utmost importance to recognize the risk of endangerment that this revered plant is facing due to increasing market demand, unsustainable wild-harvesting practices and climate change. Amoona Botanicals certified organic white sage is grown at a farm and therefore our cultivation practices do not pose a threat to the wild species that are in dire need of a rest from the heavy human hand in order to thrive. By using Amoona Botanicals sage bundles you are helping to implement sustainable white sage cultivation practices and taking a step towards protecting this illustrious sacred plant. 

Burning Instructions:

Light end, wait a moment and blow out. With focused attention gently blow on the stick to direct smoke. Place on a non- flammable surface such as in a ceramic or glass vessel. Set the intention of creating a sacred space filled with peace, love, harmony and beauty.

(All herbs are grown naturally, in the USA, without the use of pesticides or chemicals.)

Organic White Sage, Lavender, Vetiver, Sweetgrass, Rose & Hemp Twine. 

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