Thayer's Witch Hazel Toner

Thayer's Witch Hazel Toner


Face toner with aloe Vera formula helps moisturize the skin from deep within. Presence of glycerin in this skin care essential seals moisture and helps keeping the skin supple and hydrated. Presence of grape food seed extract offer mild antioxidant properties. Tannins help clear face and add a glow to the skin.

Nourishing Benefits:  witch hazel facial toner helps cleanse skin deeply. Maintains natural pH balance of the skin, returns the skin to equilibrium where bacteria does not sustain. Aloe Vera formula provides the skin with rich nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin A and Vitamin E

Face Toner Application: organic face toner is ideal for cleansing and toning your skin. Skin toner helps to tighten the facial pores. Nourishing toner is effective in removal of dust from deep pores of your skin, making your skin look young and naturally beautiful.  Does not contain alcohol.

Recommended to apply with a cotton ball after cleansing or anytime throughout the day as a softening refresher

Does not contain alcohol. Suitable for dry, oily, combination or normal skin type.

12 fluid ounce

Available in Original or Lavender

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