Tidy Thyme Dust Cleaner

Tidy Thyme Dust Cleaner


For use on wood, leather, cabinets, and other sealed solid surfaces. Mixed with our Signature essential oil blend, this spray is simple, clean and the epitome of fresh. Open windows and let the warm breeze mix with the lavender, lemon and thyme used to create this soft bright clean scent.


Gently shake solution before each use. Spray onto a clean, microfiber cloth (not directly onto surfaces) until lightly damp, wipe away dust from surfaces; use fresh cloth as needed.

100% plant-based ingredients:

Distilled water

Organic coconut oil

Organic olive oil

Hemp oil

Organic jojoba oil

Citric acid


Organic Lemon Essential Oil

Organic Lavender Essential Oil

Organic Thyme Essential Oil

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