About Wildflower CNH


Wildflower CNH is a modern apothecary and wellness boutique specializing in time-honored apothecary services such as herbal compounding and custom tea blending. Our approach to health and healing encompasses the body, mind, and spirit and weaves together the wisdom and contributions of herbalism, nutrition, spirit medicine, and beyond. We offer proven botanical and nutritional supplements and healing remedies, herbal tinctures, bulk medicinal dry herbs, organic loose leaf teas, superfood blends, and essential oils carefully chosen for their purity and effectiveness.  

Our mission is to inspire a personal and meaningful relationship with wellness, self-care, and holistic medicine. We want to empower and energize people to take an active role in their health and wellbeing, and shine a light on the interconnectedness between our individual health and the health of our environment. When we are at our best we can live a more balanced life, give fully of ourselves, and contribute to and strengthen our communities. It’s a beautiful ripple effect we truly believe in. It is our highest privilege to support and facilitate self-care and wellbeing in all ways possible so that we may better the world one person at a time. 



Our ever-blossoming apothecary shop features small batch, handcrafted items and artisanal gifts for body + soul, including organic skincare, herbal smudge bundles, jewelry, crystals, specialty incense + candles, ceramics, and ceremonial offerings for sacred ritual. We are lovingly committed to supporting all the talented herbalists, artists, and makers that contribute their unique crafts and beauty.

We mindfully curate our lineup of high quality, professional-grade wellness products + remedies and handcrafted offerings with brands that share our commitment to upholding the highest industry standards including meticulous quality control, sustainable harvesting, organic practices, environmental stewardship, and responsible + ethical sourcing. Our priority is to offer effective, results-driven products trusted for their superior purity and potency, and that are good for you and our planet. We only offer products from companies and independent artisans we wholly trust and fully support.  



We offer time-honored custom herbal compounding, including tincture, tea, and flower essence blending. We lovingly mix individual formulas based on our experience or a practitioner’s referral. 

We have been serving and collaborating with a broad network of holistic practitioners and their clients for over twenty years. We work with everyone from clinical and folk herbalists, naturopathic physicians, and nutritionists to acupuncturists, integrative medical doctors, chiropractors, and beyond.  It is our honor and privilege to provide top-notch client support and professional grade supplements, custom herbal formulas, and tea blends as part of each person’s healing journey. We pride ourselves on facilitating a true holistic approach to a wide variety of health issues. 

We welcome you to contact us if you are interested in utilizing our unique apothecary and/or dispensary services, or to learn more about our practitioner referral program.